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Project Management

Project Management

Project Management

We have been renovating and  developing property for over two decades. We use our experience to help clients maximise their budgets and minimise the stress of the design and renovation process.


Building Cost and Financial Control

As soon as the design concept is established we will provide indicative costings. Once the detailed design is confirmed, we  produce a detailed materials and labour specification and budget. The design can then be revised if needed to meet any budget limits . This level of pre-planning also  minimises the risk of overspend during the life of the renovation project. As we carefully monitor the spend during the renovation and build stage.  Any potential design variations during the life of the project being  explored before they are incurred



Construction follows a logical order, so we write a programme at the outset that shows how long the project will  take and when each item of work will be undertaken. This enables you to see when any design decisions need to be finalised and when the job will be completed.


Ordering and Delivery

Many items have to be pre-ordered;  from kitchens, bathroom fittings, tiles and stone etc,  often weeks in advance so that they arrive at the right stage of the building project. We successfully manage this “lead-in” time to ensure the smooth running of the project . We take responsibility for supplier payments, check progress on the orders, and liaise with suppliers to make sure products and materials arrive on time. If anything arrives damaged or incorrect, we sort the problem out.



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